Mr. Minty Mail-In Service.

Our consulting services include a comprehensive examination, card cleaning & prep and full evaluation report with grades.  Our goal is to advise each collector  to a Minty collection and submit cards that are great candidates for 9's and 10's.

MINTY IN 1 - 2 - 3 


  1. Click Here to Download Submission Form.  Fill out, sign and date.  
  2. Ship cards to Mr. Minty  (DM For address)
  3. Mr. Minty will DM to confirm receipt & collect payment to begin service.
  4. Each Card is Evaluated, Cleaned and Prepped


  1. After prep a personal consultation is scheduled to review all cards.
  2. Pick the service level that you want cards submitted.
  3. Mr. Minty will personally drop of the your order at PSA.


  1. When your order is complete, Mr. Minty will pick up your order from PSA.
  2. Results will be shared as well as final billing grading and return shipping.
  3. Mr. Minty will ship graded and non graded cards back to you.


Prep Service Prices:

Clean, Prep & Evaluation:                    $20 - Per Card 
In-Slab Evaluation:                              $20 - Per Card  
Slab Crack Out:                                   $20- Per Card

*Additional Fee If Card Gems:          $25- Per Card 
*Bulk Rates for 50+ cards:                 Please DM 

PSA Concierge Drop off service:  

Value :                  $30 - Per Card - 45 Days
Value Plus:           $45 - Per Card - 25 Days
Regular:               $90 - Per Card - 15 Days      
Express:               $150 - Per Card - 10 Days 
Super Express:    $275 - Per Card - 5 Days   
Walk Through:     $550 - Per Card - 5 Days



We are here to serve collectors and the hobby.  Keep it Minty is our pledge of great customer service, honest consulting, honoring hobby ethics.


 For additional questions on mail in service, please email